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7:30am Exhibition Opens
8:30am KEYNOTE | Rajiv Gupta, Senior Vice President Cloud Business Unit, McAfee
8:55am KEYNOTE | Raja Patel, Vice President & General Manager of Corporate Security Products, McAfee
9:15am KEYNOTE | Rajiv Gupta, Senior Vice President Cloud Business Unit, McAfee
9:35am KEYNOTE | Alastair MacGibbon, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security
10:05am Morning Tea
10:35am KEYNOTE | Steve Grobman, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, McAfee
11:00am KEYNOTE | Where do we come from and where are we going? (Technical)
Speaker: Christiaan Beek, Lead Scientist and Senior Principal Engineer, McAfee
11:20am KEYNOTE | Cyber is not a technology problem
Speakers: Narelle Devine, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Human Services
11:50am KEYNOTE | Panel: Charting your course to cyber resilience
Host: Adam Spencer, Former ABC 702 Breakfast Presenter, Maths & Science Wiz
– Jill Slay, Director of Cyber Resilience Initiatives, Australian Computing Society
– John Karabin, Director of Cybersecurity, Dimension Data
– Kristin Lyons, Chief Information Security Officer, Australia Post
12:30pm Lunch and Sponsor Exhibition
Session #1:  The art of innovating as a leader
Speaker: Rajiv Gupta, Senior Vice President Cloud Business Unit, McAfee
Session #2: Sponsor Session
Speaker: Sponsor
Session #3: Introducing MVISION: Cohesive Cloud-based Management of Threat Countermeasures and Devices Leveraging Built-in Device Controls 
Speaker: Jon Parkes, Vice President, Worldwide Pre-sales, McAfee
Session #4: Losing your grip on protecting data in the cloud? Here’s how you take back control (Technical)
Speaker: Tim Stead, Cloud Security Solutions Lead, APJ, McAfee
Session #1: Skills Diversity Panel: It’s time to get creative
Host: Chatelle Lynch, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, McAfee
– Jill Slay, Director of Cyber Resilience Initiatives, Australian Computing Society
– Frank Smith, Senior Lecturer with the Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney
– Phillip Jenkinson, CEO and Co-Founder, Baidam Solutions
Session #2: Native cloud security at speed and scale (Technical) 
Speaker: Joe Petrocelli, Product Manager for cloud ePO platform, McAfee
Session #3: The State of Cyber Regulation: Practical ways to address them
Speaker: Alec Christie, Partner and Head of Digital Law at EY
Session #4: IT Trends impacting how organisations approach next generation Security Operations
Speaker: John Karabin, Director of Cybersecurity, Dimension Data
Session #1: Cloud Security: A customer journey
Speaker: Customer Case Study with Tim Stead, Cloud Sales Engineer Manager, McAfee
Session #2: Defend devices across your entire digital terrain (Technical)
Speaker: Sahba Idelkhani, Cybersecurity Engineering Manager, Australia & New Zealand McAfee
Session #3: How to build, mobilise and deliver a successful cybersecurity transformation program
Speaker: Nikita Newell, Cyber Transformation Program Manager, Lion and Tom Quillin, CTO Security Economics, McAfee
Session #4: The unforeseen consequences of data breaches and hacking: The Human Toll (Technical)
Speaker: Dave Marcus, Director and Principal Engineer, Advanced Programs Group’s Intelligence Team, McAfee
3:30pm Afternoon Break
Session #1: Simplifying open and integrated security (Technical) 
Speaker: Andrew Longhorn, Cybersecurity Engineer, McAfee
Session #2: From the eyes of a Customer – How to achieve successful business outcomes 
Host: Aneel Jaeel, Senior Vice President, Customer Success Group, McAfee
Session #3:  How to turn your CEO, board and HR department into your biggest fans
Speaker: Ian Yip, Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific, McAfee
Session #4: ASD/ACSC Essential Eight – The journey of managing your risks
Speakers: Rodman Ramezanian, Cybersecurity Engineer, Public Sector, McAfee and Luke McCoy, Senior Sales Engineer, McAfee
Session #1: SecOps with AI-guided comprehension (Technical)
Speaker: Michael Murphy, Cybersecurity Engineer, McAfee
Session #2: Down for a Day: The threat of industrial control malware (Technical) 
Speaker: JP Dunning, Principal Consultant, Foundstone Practice
Session #3: Decoding security frameworks for effective cyber defense
Speaker: David Allott, Director of Cyber Defense, McAfee
5.30pm MPOWER Closing Reception

Agenda is subject to change