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MPOWER at a Glance

MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit will feature a comprehensive agenda packed with targeted, highly informative breakouts. Gain, tangible knowledge throughout the summit on main stage and in breakout sessions – topics will cover:

Device to Cloud Data Security

Recent high-profile events and regulation have placed additional focus on the protection of personal and sensitive data. The ubiquity of data and its increased collection and use across devices, networks, cloud, and “things” places additional pressure on organisations and their security teams to address an already complex challenge. Explore how organisations are solving data security issues across heterogeneous environments.

Solving Complexity with Collaboration

Governments, industry groups, solution providers, enterprises of all sizes, and McAfee experts are working together to achieve the ultimate goal; to make the world safer. There are many initiatives aiming to bring the industry closer including public-private sector partnerships, sharing of information and threat intelligence, and integrating disparate solutions and environments. Hear from industry experts to gain insights into how we can best work together in the name of improving cyber safety.

Emerging and Innovative Trends

The Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, security analytics, blockchain. These are but a few of the frequently mentioned innovations in the industry that are aiding the attackers and making it more difficult for defences, as well as playing an increasingly significant role in how security teams build more effective capabilities and operations. Learn from the experts to demystify the buzzwords and uncover the reality of what these really mean and how they are being used.

People – The Threat or Solution?

Technology is only a part of the holistic cybersecurity picture. Most cyber attacks prey on the human aspect in compromising an environment. Education and awareness plays a major role in reducing this risk. From a defensive standpoint, there is an often-quoted skills shortage in the industry. More needs to be done to address this. Better awareness and education, cross-skilling and recruitment from non-traditional backgrounds, and increased diversity all play a big part in helping to solve the problem. Discover how you can play your part and well as benefitting from the work that is already underway.

Cyber Threat Landscape

Ransomware. Advanced malware. Cryptojacking. Phishing. Whaling. File-less attacks. Financial fraud. IP theft. State-sponsored attackers. Insider threat. These are but some of the latest threats that organisations have to deal with. How real are they? What impact do they have on organisations? What is happening in the cybercriminal underworld? How are these evolving? How do attackers think? What is this really costing us? Get answers to these questions and ask some of your own to get yourself up to speed.

The Real Business Impact of Cyber

Business risk, privacy, government regulation (e.g. EU GDPR, AU NDB), audit, and compliance are major drivers of cybersecurity investment in organisations. In addition, cybersecurity has increasingly become a major concern for C-level executives and boards. Gain insights and learn from real experiences to understand what cybersecurity really means for businesses and how to best address cyber-related issues holistically and strategically across the whole organisation.