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Alastair MacGibbon

National Cyber Security Adviser at the Department of Home Affairs and concurrently Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, part of the Australian Signals Directorate

Steve Grobman

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, McAfee

Rajiv Gupta

Senior Vice President, Cloud Security Business Unit, McAfee

Industry Speakers

Adam Spencer

Former ABC 702 Breakfast Presenter,
Maths & Science Wiz

Jill Slay

Optus Chair of Cyber Security at La Trobe University and Director of Cyber Resilience Initiatives for the Australian Computer Society

John Karabin

Director of Cybersecurity, Dimension Data

Kristin Lyons

Chief Information Security Officer, Australia Post

Sandra Ragg

Head of the Office of the Prime Minister’s Cyber Security Special Adviser

Alec Christie

Partner and Head of Digital Law, EY

Frank Smith

Senior Lecturer with the Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney

Narelle Devine

Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Human Services

Kate Carruthers

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, UNSW Sydney

McAfee Speakers

Chatelle Lynch

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, McAfee

Dave Marcus

Director and Chief Architect, Advanced Programs Group Intelligence Team, McAfee

JP Dunning

Principal Consultant, Foundstone Practice, McAfee

Ian Yip

Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific, McAfee

Tim Stead

Cloud Sales Engineer Manager, McAfee

Christiaan Beek

Lead Scientist and Senior Principal Engineer, McAfee